Femdom Threesome Cock Torture

2018-08-17 10:55 minutes Ball busting, Domination, Femdom
Femdom Threesome Cock Torture 1
Femdom Threesome Cock Torture 2

Experience me and my girlfriend in my element! Cruel, relentless and full of black humour, the slave is trained as a pet and gets his ball tortured. Then he gets the pleasure of tasting my champagne - in style from the food bowl!

Fetish Outfits Part 2

2018-05-13 47 images Erotic Nude, Fetish, Latex
Fetish Outfits Part 2 0
Fetish Outfits Part 2 1
Fetish Outfits Part 2 2

New collection of my fetisch-outfits: Latex, topless, leather, chains, harness, felz, nearly naked und as a special: me with black hairs!