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Vaccum Pump and Dilator (Dominant Hotel Service Part 2)

2018-07-18BDSM, Bondage Sex, Femdom
  • 14:02 minutes
  • FullHD
  • TOP rating

The second part of the dominant hotel adventure. My plastic wrapped slave gets his cock pumped with a vacuum pump. Afterwards he gets a clinical examination with my dilator. I love fucking him inside!

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User comments (6)
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January 27, 2019 21:12 ★★★★★

Such cruel and delicious cock play my Goddess! It would be honor if you could guide me with my desires!

January 28, 2019 23:54 ★★★★★

good slut suffering for mistress

March 10, 2019 22:51 ★★★★★

Völlig ausgeliefert und wunderbar benutzt werden. Das können so nur Göttinen

April 17, 2019 23:06 ★★★★★

I have never wanted something to happen to me more than this....Mistress you are amazing xxxxx

July 01, 2019 22:56 ★★★★★

besser geht nicht! Dir zuzuhören ist erotisch und megageil!

June 07, 2020 15:14 ★★★★★

Ein Traum!!!