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Tease and Denial: The Ruined Orgasm with Sperm Swallow

2019-04-01Handjob, Orgasms, Glovefetish
  • 9:51 minutes
  • FullHD
  • TOP rating

The slave didn't do his job properly because he was too horny. Therefore, he has to wait for me in the hanging cage wrapped in nylon tights. First I describe to him in detail what awaits him at the Toxic Dinner, then I enjoy the Tease/Denial game with gloves, massage stick and rubber pussy. He can show me with the rubber pussy how he would fuck and lick the chambermaid. Then I enjoy to ruin his orgasm and bring him to run out. As a reward he has to swallow the full load.

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April 01, 2019 18:00 ★★★★★

Your teasing is so intense my Goddess! With such teasing I would have cum at the first touch! ;)