Latex Shootings

2018-09-11 32 images Blonde, Fetish, Latex
Latex Shootings 0
Latex Shootings 1
Latex Shootings 2

A collection of high resolution shooting pictures in pink, green and black latex outfit.

Fetish Porn Art

2018-09-07 31 images Fetish, Latex, Nylon
Fetish Porn Art 0
Fetish Porn Art 1
Fetish Porn Art 2

A collection of provocative pictures for lovers of horny pornographic aesthetics in nylons, latex and leather...

Monster Horse Strap-On

2018-09-03 6:19 minutes Asses, Doggystyle, Femdom
Monster Horse Strap-On 1
Monster Horse Strap-On 2

Today a special surprise awaits the bound slave. My giant monster horse strap-On is just waiting to get into his asshole. I wonder if he can get it in...

Sensual Portraits

2018-08-30 40 images Blonde, Erotic Nude, Fetish
Sensual Portraits 0
Sensual Portraits 1
Sensual Portraits 2

In this collection my sensual portraits are in the foreground. Look into my poison green cat eyes and my sensual lips and feel how my beauty will poison you!

The Jeans doormat (Close-Up)

2018-08-29 3:25 minutes Femdom, Foot Fetish, Trampling
The Jeans doormat (Close-Up) 1
The Jeans doormat (Close-Up) 2

How convenient that there's a footrest made of jeans. Me and my Louboutin heels like that. Let's see what this ass is for!

Jerk Off Instruction 2 1
Jerk Off Instruction 2 2

Get on your knees, listen to me and do exactly as I tell you.  Watch me rub my big tits with my long red fingernails and shiny latex gloves.  How long can you stand my horny, piercing voice? 

Femdom Threesome Cock Torture

2018-08-17 10:55 minutes Ball busting, Domination, Femdom
Femdom Threesome Cock Torture 1
Femdom Threesome Cock Torture 2

Experience me and my girlfriend in my element! Cruel, relentless and full of black humour, the slave is trained as a pet and gets his ball tortured. Then he gets the pleasure of tasting my champagne - in style from the food bowl!

Jerk off for your mistress! (Dominant Hotel Service Part 3) 1
Jerk off for your mistress! (Dominant Hotel Service Part 3) 2

Defenceless mummified and cheered on by me, the horny motherfucker has to jerk off his cock in front of me. He is spat on by me and must do a throat fucking with the dildo. And don't let him hit my boots!

Worship Heels (POV)

2018-08-02 4:05 minutes Fetish, Foot Fetish, Trampling
Worship Heels (POV) 1
Worship Heels (POV) 2

Admire your goddess feet and heels from a slave's perspective. Look and hear what you have to do with my feet. And keep your tongue out!

Abused in my dungeon

2018-07-29 13:52 minutes Ball busting, Balloon, Female Domination
Abused in my dungeon 1
Abused in my dungeon 2

Delivered, tied up and with pumped up balls the slave wakes up in my dungeon. The clattering of my heels makes him take his breath away. His cock and the thick eggs get to feel my red heels and long nails...